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Sunday Joy Club

Sunday Joy Club (S. J. C) {JOY = Jesus Others You}, is the name selected for the Catechism classes held on Sunday and popularly known as Sunday School. The Steering Team however, decided to blank out the word School, because it brought memories of teachers and lessons, time-tables and exams and hit upon this name S. J. C. The syllabus was also re-worked and added to it was faith in action and making the classes action oriented and activity based.


At present 1200 children attend SJC, coached by 73 catechists.


The SJC works on several activities during the year which consists of the, entertaining parents for Parents day, September Novena to Our Lady, visiting  Aged Homes and plenty of fun at their Christmas Parties. The proceeds of the Novenas  go to Prayatna.  Orientations and Formations Sessions are conducted for Catechists.

Priest-in-Charge : Fr. Cedric Rosario
Lay Co-ordinator :  Cynthia Pereira

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