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Orlem Youth Week 2016

December 17, 2016



Orlem Youth Week.

Providing a platform for homegrown talent since 1999.

Having evolved in ways more than one since its initiation, the ideas around Youth week have been constantly in the process of upgradation, while its central focus stays the same. To pick out from the nooks and corners of Orlem, give stage to and make a star of, unlike any other.

Basically, among the stardust and shimmer of the world, creating a space for our very own to come alive.


OYW is surreal, silently beautiful, yet exuberant. It manages to somehow make you yearn for it, not withholding the thrill you get from it. It gives you a an emotion, you can never let go off.

And not just that, it builds in you a character, a personality you didn't know you had. When the lights go on, and the spotlight hits you, you can't help but hold your breath and make sure you give your all, because this, this is your moment to own.

And Orlem Youthweek wouldn't be all it is without the workforce, the workforce that is driven by something of which we know nothing, yet they come. They come, leaving behind everything, making it their priority, and giving it the best they can muster.

And when something gives you so much, you have to give back; you have to give this kind of a chance to another. Maybe not the same way, or not in whole measure, but substantially, and from the heart.

Because honestly, change starts from YOUth.

We're giving back to society.  We're giving back in the littlest of measures, which mean a whole lot more to us.  We're giving to those who need it more than we do.


And so,

We picked up our brooms, got out of our houses one Sunday morning and cleaned the streets of Orlem.

The next Sunday morning, we got out of beds again, and brought along food from our own homes, to share with the hungry people on the streets.

And as it was the desire of our youth, we made sure that we dedicated a percentage of our profits to two charities, namely Jankalyan Trust, Mahad for the well being of tribal children, and Muktisagar Prabhodan Kendra, Uttan.


Youthweek this year had three aspects.

Youthweek gives you, Youthweek gives back and Youthweek gives you a chance to know God better.

And keeping in with that, we have "Mission Possible".  Youth missions organized from 14th December 2016 to

16th December 2016, that's just the right kind of after party Youthweek needs. Jesus, his love and you.


Orlem Youthweek has grown immensely, and it has grown beautifully. Its roots are strong, and it's fruits ethereal. And the life it shares with those around it, is one that looks to see others grow with it.

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