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Reflection - Third Sunday of Lent

March 18, 2017




Exodus 17:3-7;

Psalm 95:1-2, 6-9  

Romans 5:1-2,5-8   

John 4:5-42




In the first reading we find that the people in the wilderness grumbled against Moses as they faced a water crisis.  Once again they put their demands on their ever loving God through Moses.  They went so far as to test God and question the faithfulness of God?  Moses turns to God, who tells him to strike the rock at Horeb for water for the people to drink.  Therefore Massah and Meribah became for the Jews a place of “man’s distrust” and “God’s continuing providence” for his people. 


St. Paul states that the real rock is Christ. Life giving waters flowed out of his pierced side to refresh us on our pilgrim journey.


In the second reading, St. Paul tells us that being justified by faith and freed from guilt, we become totally reconciled with God through Jesus Christ.  Further we remain in God’s favour and are victorious in God’s glory.  This God given status give us peace with God.  Peace (in Hebrew is Shalom) a condition of total well being in our relationships with God, neighbour and the world at large.  Equipped with this peace and hope, we can bravely face the trials in our present life.  All this is a result of God’s unconditional love which has been poured into our hearts and becomes a motivating force in our lives.  This Divine love surpasses any human love which Christ proved by his death on the Cross.


Generally speaking people find it very difficult to admit a failure or sin.  Imagine their plight if their sins are pointed out to them (for instance being caught red-handed on CCTV accepting a bribe).  That is exactly the plight of the Samaritan woman, when she encountered Jesus at the well.  Jesus tells her that she has had 5 husbands and is still thirsting.  She now has a sixth one who is not hers!!!  Jesus’ gentle confrontation about this truth about herself leads her to recognize her sinful past and repent over it.  Step by step she is led by Jesus in to a relationship of Divine love and conversion into a disciple. Through this experience she also becomes an apostle in her town ready to evangelize this experience with others and lead them to Jesus.  

 We all in some way or the other resemble either the people in the wilderness or this Samaritan woman thirsting for the pleasures of this world.  Nothing seems to satisfy us.   Can we during this season of lent, look into ourselves and find at least one dark area, if not more, in our lives, and bring it to Jesus to be redeemed of it and let his light outshine the darkness within?   Jesus is ready to fill us with his living water of the Holy Spirit.  We can receive to the extent that we empty ourselves.  Ask Him to help us and change our lives.


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