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Reflection: 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 22, 2017



God's mercy and patience is the theme of the three parables in today's Gospel. The Church teaches that in everyone, even in the community of the faithful, the "weeds of sin will be mixed with the good wheat of the Gospel until the end of time” (CCC 827).  Like the servants of the owner of the field, the Church gathers to herself sinners already caught up in Christ's salvation but still making their way on the journey to holiness.  


In the parable of the mustard seed, Jesus uses a hyperbole to describe the Kingdom of Heaven. In the Old Testament one of the commonest pictures of a great empire is the picture of a great tree, with the subject nations depicted as birds finding rest and shelter within its branches (Ezekiel 31:6). The parable tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven begins very small but in the end many nations will be gathered within it. Hence, the message to us is that there must be no discouragement in witnessing to God’s word. It is from our small beginnings that the Kingdoms of the earth will finally become the Kingdom of God.


The parable of the Yeast is similar to the Parable of the Mustard Seed. It illustrates the same point, which is the amazing growth of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ that is His New Covenant Church. It speaks of the transforming power of Christ and of His Kingdom in the life of the individual and of the world.


Jesus identifies five different groups/persons;

a. The Sower of the seed

b. The good seed/wheat

c. The darnel/weeds

d. The sower of the weeds; and

e. The harvesters.


With which group/person do you identify yourself?



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