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Family Cell

The Parish Family Cell, at the parish level is the initiative of the Family Apostolate of our Archdiocese and was established with the aim to focus on the needs of the families in the parish with regard to social, cultural and spiritual requirements.

The role of the Family Cell is to build, nurture and enrich relationships within the families of the parish. The cell comprises of religious , married couples, and representatives from the Christian Family Movement (CFM) and Marriage Encounter (ME). The Family Cell meets once a month on every 3rd Wednesday at 7.45pm in the upper room and has its representatives both at the Deanery as well as at the Diocesan level.

The cell organizes various programmes for different age groups within the families, viz. Senior Citizens, Couples, Singles, etc. The Cell strives to build bridges of understanding and reconciliation, building communities of love and peace, that are caring and sharing, and a community of life and service.

Priest-in-Charge : Fr. Harold Vaz

Lay Co-ordinator :  Andrea Sequeira

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