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Hope and Life Movement

‘When the heart grieves over what it has lost, the spirit rejoices over what it has left’ – Lufi Epigram


The Hope and Life Association has been created with a view to help widows accept widowhood as a vocation; to help widows gain emotional stability; to encourage widows to be prayerful, joyful and helpful. This purpose has been achieved to a large extent.

The activities involved to achieve this objective are once a year recollections in Konkani/Marathi which are held in different parishes. Retreats are held in English and Marathi. Annual Day is also held where 1000 widows attend from all over the archdiocese. In the regard, the core group meets on a regular basis to plan and discuss the coming events. Our parish conducts monthly meetings on every 1st Sunday of the month (Announcements/ Special Directors talk, fellowship etc.); Visits to the sick and housebound widows;   Our Anniversary Day Mass and celebrations, picnics etc.

Scholarships are provided to deserving SSC (above 80%) and HSC (above 75%) children of widows. Medical Assistance (non-refundable of Rs.5000/- for expense incurred up to Rs.5000/ and Rs.10,000/- for expense incurred above Rs. 1 lakh to widows who are hospitalized. To avail this, bills have to be submitted and parish priest's endorsement is required. The association also provides education loan of Rs. 25,000/- which is refundable at Rs.1000/-per month.

The Hope and Life unit communicates via its ‘Annual Bulletin’ and also souvenirs brought out on its 20/25/30 years of its completion. So far, 45 parishes are members and the association looks forward to getting all parishes under the archdiocese as members.

Priest-in-Charge : Fr. Reuben Tellis

Lay Co-ordinator :  Mary Kolembel

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