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Lourdes Communication Cell/ Media Cell

Can you name all the associations that are working with different groups in our Parish?

Come on, take a minute! Yes, Sunday School, Bible Cell, Family Cell, SVP, Legion of Mary but no, the list doesn’t end there!

Did you know that we have a grand total of 29 different associations working in our Parish?

So much fruitful work is being undertaken for one of the largest Parish? communities in Mumbai, and yet, so little is known about them!


Understanding this as a challenge amongst many parishes, the Archdiocese of Bombay had proposed the formation of Communication Cells within each Parish.

The aim of these cells would be to integrate and communicate the various activities being undertaken by the different associations.

As part of this initiative, in our Parish, the Communication Cell had been launched and helmed by Fr. Oniel Rodrigues.


Through the formation of the Communication Cell, its key area of function will be to ensure that each association is reached out to with a wholesome understanding of the events and programs that have been planned out for the year.

This will further be supported by creative discussion and exchange of ideas from the four Core Groups of - Marketing Communications, Digital, Events and Public Relations.

A two-way communication with regards to the prime objectives as well as various challenges faced will further be encouraged inviting increased participation from Parishioners.


So, should your association planning stages of the next event, be sure to drop us an email at or contact your Core Group Representative.

Moreover, should you be interested in being a part of this vibrant cell, be sure to reach out to us! 

We do hope you now know what the Lourdes Communication Cell is about! We look forward to active and fruitful collaboration with all associations.

Priest-in-Charge: Fr. Cedric Rosario

Lay Co-ordinator:  Shailesh Nambiar

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