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Parish Youth Council

More often than not, I hear my parents say, "If I had this much opportunity and exposure offered to me, I would probably be a different person. "

And truly enough, the Parish Youth Council is all that, and much more. It's brilliant and provides such holistic development for youth, that there isn't much need to look further.


This year, we've brought about a change in the structure of the PYC.

Unlike the past years where the PYC executive was the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer with a similar structure in each of the zones,

This year is different.

The executive consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Joint-Secretary.

And while the zones have just one overall head, the idea behind this year's PYC is to delegate more, so as to have more participation.

We have initiated Neighborhood Youth Groups that function at the sector level so as to break into smaller groups to get maximum participation.

Right from having various interactive sessions about the faith, bringing it to the level of the youth, modernizing it and putting it into action, to providing a platform for talent of every extravaganza with no limits it pushes us to try our hands out at everything to find what we do best.

There's something for everyone, from treks, to faith formation, to competitions, to learning to lead and organize events. It gives you a satisfaction and learning that nothing else can.

Priest-in-Charge : Fr. ARUN SIMON SJ
Lay Co-ordinator : Clayton Mendonca

The zonal youth groups meet at 07: 30 p.m. every second Saturday of the month in the school classroom on the second floor.

The Parish Youth Council meets on every first Saturday of the month at 07: 30 p.m. in the school classroom on the ground floor.

We have 38 English speaking communities in our Parish.

We have one Youth Animator for each community to bring the youth together once a month – This meeting is called “Hangout”

Spiritual Director : Fr.ARUN SIMON SJ

Youth today are not the ‘future’ but the ‘present’ of our church, with this new outlook the NYGs (Neighbouring Youth Groups were formed)


AIM : Fellowship, Formation and Service

WHO are the youth ?

All SSC or equivalent and those who are single (not married) and not more than 25 years.

WHAT is Youth Ministry?

A comprehensive effort on the part of the church to serve a broad range of needs of our youth.



a) to cater to very large number of youth, so that no one is lost.

b) provide more opportunities for leadership

c) Tap talents

d) youth find it comfortable to coordinate with the same neighbourhood due to socio-economic background.

e) Easy to distribute work load during planning and executing youth programs

f) Easy net-working with non-member youth

g) all youth will feel accepted and loved


Role of Youth Animators

·         Responsible for the growth of sector youth

·         To conduct formation session as part of monthly PYC meeting

·         To receive feedback, evaluate programs and explore new possibilities


Core Team

 Rohan Dsouza

 Stephanie Dsouza

 Vania D'souza

 Alroy Ramedious

 Mark Pias

Zonal Youth Presidents
Zone 1 - Baudi: Karen Ferreira
Zone 2 - Somwar Bazzar: Vanali D'souza

Zone 3 - JBC: Shelilah Rosario
Zone 4 - Tank Colony: Jeremiah Karnik

Zone 5 - Lourdes Colony: Aaren Shintre
Zone 6 - Mitchowki: Sherwin Noronah
Zone 7 - Evershine Nagar: Rhea D'costa

Neighbourhood Youth Group Co-ordinators

Zone 1: Baudi

Sector 1: Nathan Fernandes
Sector 2: Tianne Fernandes

Sector 3: Keren Ferreira 

Sector 4: Nigel Dsouza
Sector 5: Chryslyn D’silva

Sector 6: Delwin D’souza

Zone 2: Somwar Bazzar
Sector 1: Kelly John

Sector 2: Primal Sequeira

Zone 3: JBC

Sector 1: Anaida Pereira
Sector 2: Elgin D'souza
Sector 3: Kelly Gonsalves

Sector 4: Aaron Parlekar

Zone 4: Tank Colony
Sector 1: Aaron Parlekar

Sector 2: Calvin

Sector 3: Calista

Sector 4: Kimberly

Sector 5: Norma

Sector 7: Vania

Sector 8: Rochelle

Zone 5: Lourdes Colony

Sector 1: Elisa Quadros

Sector 2: Shania Pereira

Sector 3: Jasmine Alapat

Sector 4: Ansell Oliveira

Sector 5: Rishona Lopes

Sector 6: Reyona Lobo

Zone 6: Mithchowki

Sector 1: Neha

Sector 2: Deborah

Sector 3: Kevin

Sector 4: Rosario

Sector 5: Jensen

Zone 7: Evershine Nagar

Sector 1: Elvis Umrao

Sector 2: Aldrich Sarabical

Sector 3: Ethan Fernandes

Sector 4: Veron Dsilva

Sector 5: Anna Fernandes

Sector 6: Calista Dsouza

Sector 7: Nihal Kolhapurkar


Office Bearers

Head : 

Asst. Head : 

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